«The Elements of Data Analytic Style»

Title: «The Elements of Data Analytic Style«
Author: Jeff Leek
Pages: 93
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Leanpub
Year: 2015
Language: English
Format: EPub

«The Elements of Data Analytic Style» is a very short work. It is a work that I would not classify as a book personally, because although its format and amount of content would allow it to be classified as such, there is something in its organization that does not end up convincing me. Personally is a compilation of experiences that the author has been acquiring over time.

With the above I do not want to disqualify the value of how much is exposed in this work. There are many things that one would hardly find in books and your self should acquire through the experience (the hard way). There are some shortcomings and there are things that are presented in the form of a list without expanding or providing a better foundation in this regard, there are paragraphs or sections of the book that are only a paragraph. So, there are some missing pieces that for some readers left several things undone. It is a book that one should read carefully the first time, to keep it in mind and return to it from time to time (I would say, when the presentation or report of a work is approaching and when your are going to start a new project or research).

The presentation of ideas revolves around this graph, that is presented at the beginning. Develop the ideas behind constitutes half of this work. The second half is complementary to this, and it seems to me that the last three chapters should be of most interest to those engaged in data analysis activities.

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