«Judas Unchained»

Work: «Judas Unchained»
Author: Peter F. Hamilton
Pages: 3082
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Genre: Science Fiction
Year: 2006
Language: English
Format: eBook (EPub)
Version: 3.0_r6
ISBN: 978-0-345-49071-1

It took me a while to read the whole book, just like the previous one in this series of works. After 94.8 hours of reading, 12 minutes on average per session (1 page per minute on average), I finally finished it this month, after starting at the beginning of the year (January or February, if I remember correctly). The printed version of this book is about 400 pages. I guess with a very small font. The letter size I chose (to read it without glasses) gave me 3082 pages.

Like the previous one, it is an extensive work. Very detailed in the descriptions that are made, which makes it somewhat tiring at times. The two books make up a complex but very detailed story. This is one of such works that one would like to be brought to the screen but that could hardly be narrated on a single film. Easily, for each book, two or three movies could well be generated, which brings us to the now classic series of three to six films.

In general (except for what I mention regarding its length), this is a reading that gives one a lot of entertaining time and from which one learns many idiomatic expressions of British English. It is no hard to read, but I would recommend to have a good dictionary beside you (in my case, due to the book format, my Kobo has a good built-in dictionary and it is very comfortable just to select the word to know its meaning and Spanish translation).

As for the author, I had no idea about him until I learned about the «CommonwealSaga» and start to read his books. After investigating a little more of his work, I see he is a very prolific writer. Although his way of writing, of telling the stories, despite they are in great detail, his «science fiction» does not quite convince me, I mean, there is something missing from his explanations (or maybe something in excess) that at the end I don’t like it. Despite this, I totally recommend this two books.

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