I recently wrote about one of my inner demons. Coincidentally that day, through an advertising email, I came across a brochure1 in which I knew about certain habits for a more complete life (although the title of the brochure spoke of a «successful life»).

Sticking to my definitions, I will not include this booklet in my reading list this year, but what it points out seems appropriate for the moment and good for what it provides to pass up. I make here a compilation of the most important ideas.

  1. Work on your mindset. Thoughts become things. The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our thoughts.
  2. Be grateful. Money isn’t everything.
  3. Take care of your body. Take care of your body. It’s your most valuable asset.
  4. Give respect. When you respect other people, you immediately and subconsciously give them a message on how they should be treating you.
  5. Don’t partake in gossip. You’re better than that, don’t fall prey to gossip. Gossip is a destructive and negative habit.
  6. Remind yourself of your goals. Set the intention and put it out there when, where, how and why you’re going to achieve your goal. Read it daily when you get up and before bed. Put it somewhere where you can easily spot it.
  7. Read more books. Life is a never-ending learning experience. The day we stop learning is the day when we stop growing. Invest a lot in yourself. You are your greatest asset.
  8. Be humble. Our egos, if not under control, can be destructive.
  9. Give and serve. No matter how small an act of kindness can be, it can make the biggest difference in someone else’s life.
  10. Move past rejection. Use rejection as an inspiration to work harder on yourself instead of bringing yourself down. Keep moving forward and leave the past in the past.
  11. Strive to learn more from people who know more. Find a mentor that you respect and admire, study them and model their habits, mindsets and work ethics to your life.


  1. Pete Zafra, «11 Habits That Will Give You A Complete and Successful Life«, tradepub.com.

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