«Pandora’s Star»

Work: «Pandora’s Star»
Author: Peter F. Hamilton
Pages: 3052*
Edition: 1st.
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Genre: Science Fiction
Year: 2004
Language: English
Format: eBook (EPub)
File size: 8.0 MB
ISBN: 9780345472199

Well, this is an expanse book. Too detailed in its narrative. It could be boring sometimes. Curiously, despite all this elaboration, there are many things that are not quite explained, a lot of terms and acronyms specially. But, at the end, it is a good story. Also, it is at the end when you realise all details describing scenes, characters and background converge and you get the whole picture and how this universe is described by its author. Unfortunately, with all these details the story is huge, and as expected, it has to be divided in two books.

These two books (and four other written around this scenario, like prequels and sequels) conform what is known as the «Commonwealth Saga«. The Wikipedia has a short article on this.

There are several stories at the beginning. You can get easily lost in their descriptions and their characters. Of course, all of them leads to the same plot but you have to put all pieces in their places to get a quite understanding of what is going on, and that happen… I think that starts seven or five final chapters.

I bought this ebook two years ago. My first (or was it one of the Toño Malpica’s works?) bought from Kobo Store. I left it forgotten for several months, maybe a year. And, It took me the whole 2020 read it.

*Regarding the pages of the book that are annotated above, let me say that in the printed version are 992 or so. I set up Avenir Next as font in my Kobo but I cannot say its size. The eReader interface only show a slider and it’s set in the middle. With that font size I got 3052 pages. So the story is good and It is quite recommendable.

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